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Education for discipleship is a life-long endeavor. Every child of God from cradle to grave is on a spiritual journey, and we provide the opportunities and resources for all ages to learn, stretch and grow in faith. Children are valued and nurtured at Westminster. They are not only the church of tomorrow; they are important participants in the church today. Contact Church Educator Susan Moseley for more information on any of the below.

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Infants/Toddlers: Nursery

Care is provided for infants and toddlers in the nursery each Sunday morning. Nursery hours change seasonally, so please check the church calendar. Two paid caregivers and weekly volunteers provide loving care for the children in a safe environment. A special area is available for nursing mothers.

Age 2 – Grade 5: Godly Time (9:00 to 9:55 a.m.)

Godly Time occurs September through May for young children age two through fifth grade. Families begin worship together in the sanctuary. After Time With Our Children, the children may remain in worship or leave for age appropriate learning.

Godly Care: Ages 2 – 4
Children begin to develop their spiritual lives, and we teach them that they are precious children of God. They experience simple worship rituals and learn key stories in the Bible. Each story is told in a lively fashion using bright, colorful felt figures. Children respond through crafts, songs and prayers.

Godly Play I: Kindergarten – Grade 2
Children learn the language of God’s people through sacred space, sacred stories, parables and liturgical actions. Much more than play, this experience is highly structured and applies the Montessori method to religious eduction.

Godly Play II: Grades 3 – 5
Following a similar format as Godly Play I for younger children, the stories in Godly Play II may be longer and the work/response time offers added variety for the interests and abilities of older children. Both Godly Play I and Godly Play II are worship experiences that focus on the sacred stories of scripture.Godly Play

Age 2 – Grade 6: 10:TEN Christian Ed (10:10 to 11:00 a.m.)

Available between worship services September through May, our 10:TEN Christian education time consists of the following programs for children age two to grade six:

Sunday School for Preschoolers: Ages 2 – 4
Children learn and respond to Bible stories through drama, music, games, and crafts. Familiar routines and nurturing teachers provide a dynamic learning environment. Children engage with the teachers in learning stories of the Bible while making crafts that enforce the Bible stories. We sing every Sunday and have great fun playing our many instruments as we learn songs together. Our curriculum is published by Cokesbury.Sunshine Choir

Sunshine Choir: Grades K – 2
Sunshine Choir rehearsals are interactive and engage the whole child. Activities include singing, moving, playing, making friends, and worship education. The choir will participate in worship four to five times during the program year, including participation in the spring children's musical. To register, please contact Susan Moseley or click here to download the registration form.

D.R.U.M. (Devoting Rhythms, Uniting Melodies): Grades 3 – 6*
A creative approach to Christian Education, D.R.U.M. is designed as an interactive musical experience that utilizes songs, games, movement and instruments to teach Bible stories, worship leadership, and global music. This unique program for older elementary children includes worship participation and presenting a musical in the spring. Please contact Susan Moseley to register or click here to download the registration form.
*Sixth graders may choose D.R.U.M. or Middle Schoolers on the Move (grades 6-8).

Worship (Through the Eyes of a Child)

Children are welcome to stay in worship with their families. To aid them, Worship Bags and Kids' Notes are available at the sanctuary entrances. Or, if desired, children may leave worship, after Time With Our Children, to participate in Godly Time (see above).

Worship Bags
The Westminster Worship Bags for children include dry erase boards with marker and eraser, paper and crayons, and bookmarks for Bible and Hymnbook. We include a book related to worship or Christian values. The book may vary through the year. A children’s bulletin related to the day’s scripture lesson is added each week.

Children's Bulletins
Children's Bulletins are supplementary to the Sunday worship bulletin. It is a brightly colored publication designed to help children participate in worship and explore the sights and sounds of the sanctuary.



Vacation Bible School

July 17 – 21, 2017
8:45 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Age 4/Pre-K – Grade 6
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Splash! is a faith formation packet designed for families with infants and toddlers. The packet includes Parent Pages and a music CD. The monthly Parent Pages are mailed to the home and offer ideas for faith-filled play, worship, meals, and prayers. Mailing these Parent Pages is one of the ways our congregation helps support families with young children.


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Worship Bags & Children's Bulletins

See "Worship (Through the Eyes of a Child)" above.