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What's a Cribbery?

For long-time members of Westminster, the answer to the question is easy. It’s where the baby cribs are located, and therefore it is a room in the church where the babies stay on Sunday morning, but how many new parents would know to look for a cribbery? The name that is most recognizable to the general public is “nursery.”

In the same way, “Under Six” is a special suite of rooms designed specifically for young children. Until last year, the space included five-year-olds in kindergarten. However, all that changed with our new 10:TEN music programs for children. Kindergarteners are part of the Sunshine Choir, which meets downstairs in Classroom 7, and Under Six is no longer the exclusive space for all children younger than six years of age.

The Christian Education Committee pondered these space names and decided to change them to help our visitors and new members feel more at home. The Cribbery is now called the Nursery, and Under Six is the Preschool Suite. For those of us who have grown accustomed to Westminster’s nomenclature, the changes may take some getting used to, but for our visitors with children, it is an act of hospitality.