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There are always so many great things going on at Westminster - music concerts, special events and services, guest speakers, children and youth programs, local and global mission opportunities, and much more. The best way to be in the loop on all the news and activities is to sign up for our weekly email newsletter, the Westminster Weekly Word, and our periodic newsletter, the Westminster Chimes. You can do so by clicking here. You may also bookmark our Communications page where we archive the latest editions. The home page of our website typically includes the most popular happenings, so please check back often. Thank you for your support and interest!

Did you know that the buildings adjacent to our parking lot are the residences for nine men who are part of Friendship House's men's program? These men have jobs and are in the final stage of getting their life together with the help of Marcy Perkins and her staff, who provide 24-hour assistance and care.

Since 1991, Sojourners' Place has provided a home for homeless men and women, helping them on their journey to self-sufficiency through a case managed residential program. Fifty residents are provided with assistance, including drug/alcohol counseling, mental health therapy, educational training, and access to job training. The residents leave with a job, a savings account, and a place to live.

What's all the ruckus about? We are asked to send money to West Africa, Guatemala, and Honduras, not to mention the latest victims of a weatherborne tragedy. We need to support this Compassionate Child or that Shoebox Industry. All this, plus we have missionaries around the world. Why?

On Code Purple nights in Wilmington, Friendship House (FH) offers emergency sanctuary to the chronically homeless at the Episcopal Church of Sts. Andrew and Matthew (SSAM), located at 720 North Orange Street. The doors open at 3:30 p.m. and close at 8:30 p.m. (when the Salvation Army Code Purple night shelter opens for the night).

The Chad Miller Youth Mission Fund was created in memory of The Rev. Chad Miller after his tragic death in June 2009. Chad served as our Associate Pastor for Mission and Youth from August 2007 until his death. During that time, he became an integral part of our church and community.

Westminster is pleased to offer a convenient new option for making your regular offerings and pledge payments. With our online giving program, you can easily set up a recurring giving schedule or make one-time contributions through automatic deduction from your checking or savings account...

Just imagine. Imagine not being able to afford the kindling that would provide a fire to boil your drinking water for purification. Imagine growing up assuming that constant gastrointestinal distress is just how the human body works and is perfectly normal.

We are proud to announce that the church grounds have been certified by the National Wildlife Foundation and the Delaware Nature Society as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat”! This means that our property meets the four basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover, and places to raise young.

Every WPC member knows our church leadership consists of the pastors and staff as well as the Elders (Session), Board of Deacons, and Board of Trustees, but do you know what exactly it is that your deacons do?

Check out our updated web pages for the “Serve Locally” section of the WPC website. We’re trying to make it easier to volunteer as well as appreciate the breadth of our involvement in the community.