For Adults

Due to COVID-19, our usual worship schedule and programs for adults and children have either been modified or are on hold until it is safe to resume normal activities. Please check the homepage and our ongoing communications for the most up-to-date information on virtual and in-person opportunities, worship services, and other updates.


We believe that the life of faith is a journey, and that we learn and grow spiritually throughout our lives. From womb to tomb, from cradle to grave, Christians are always discovering new truths about God, expanding in self-awareness and growing in discipleship as we learn to follow the ways of Christ.

Interactive Adult Class

Sunday morning classes during 10:TEN focus on these general topics:

  • Bible and Theology
  • Current Issues in Society
  • Relationships/Family
  • Living Our Faith in the World

Weekday and Saturday afternoon/evening opportunities:

  • Wonderful Weeknights
  • Midweek Bible studies
  • CIL (Community for Integative Learning) Workshops


  • Women's Retreat

Past Women's Retreat in Cape May