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Do You Know Your Deacon?

Every WPC member knows our church leadership consists of the pastors and staff as well as the Elders (Session), Board of Deacons, and Board of Trustees, but do you know what exactly it is that your deacons do? We are likely most well known as the organizers of the “social” events on the church calendar:

  • Easter Breakfast,
  • Summer Brunch (June),
  • Ice Cream Social (August),
  • Trunk or Treat (new fall event this year),
  • Christmas Caroling,
  • Chili luncheon at the Annual Meeting in January,
  • Of course, the Holy Toast Café every Sunday,
  • And the Summer Tea.

We are the “worker bees” who take care of the hands-on tasks for these special events. In fact, the word deacon is derived from the Greek word diakonos, meaning “servant,” “waiting-man,” “minister,” or “messenger.” The first deacons were a group of seven followers selected by the Apostles to “serve tables” so that the 12 could devote themselves solely to prayer and the ministry of the Word.*

That’s the definition of a deacon… but what are we empowered to do as ordained deacons? Paraphrasing the PC(USA) Book of Order, the leaders of individual churches are empowered to offer compassion, to witness, to serve, and to share in the redeeming love of Jesus for the poor, hungry, sick, and oppressed. What you may not know is that your deacons also arrange and take flowers to the homebound (as well as assist in home communion) and deliver Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies. You’ll also see us among the greeters on Sundays and assisting with the offering or communion. Recently, we have restarted an outreach program for individual deacon contact with those who have not been able to come to services, beginning with greeting cards, follow-up phone calls, and, if possible, individual home visits.

As deacons, we have made our 2013 mission three-fold:

  1. Along with the Membership and Evangelism Committee, identify possible solutions or remedies to make WPC a more important part of our members’ lives,
  2. Help build an overall presence in our immediate community, particularly among younger congregants, and
  3. Increase the congregation’s understanding of who the deacons are, what we do, and how deacons can become unofficial liaisons between the congregation and the trustees, elders, and staff.

This article is the first effort to accomplish goal #3.

Look for the Deacon badges at church this Sunday and “badger” us, if you will, as to what we do and how we can help you or serve you with whatever you need. See you in church!

*To learn more about the role of deacons in the early Christian church, read Acts, Chapter 6. As a matter of fact, read the whole of Acts…it is a remarkable, exhilarating history of the early Christian church, filled with the obstacles the People of the Way met and conquered as they developed this new and revolutionary message of faith, peace, and love.