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WPC Grounds Certified as “Backyard Wildlife Habitat”

We are proud to announce that the church grounds have been certified by the National Wildlife Foundation and the Delaware Nature Society as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat”! This means that our property meets the four basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover, and places to raise young. By creating a sustainable, habitat-friendly environment, using native plants, limiting the use of lawn chemicals, and reducing consumption of water and runoff, our property is helping to ensure clean, safe drinking water for people and wildlife while improving the biodiversity of our community.

For food sources, we have a diversity of trees, shrubs, and plants that offer berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, nectar, and pollen. We added more native flowering plants to attract butterflies and promote more pollination. We were deficient in a water source, so we added a shallow dish that we will refill and clean as we are watering the garden. The dish intentionally has a couple of rocks in it so if young flounder in the water, they will have an aid to rescue themselves. In addition, wildlife need shelter from bad weather and hiding places, and we have places for cover that include the ground cover in the Memorial Garden, dense shrubs, evergreens, and the compost pile. Lastly, animals need places to raise their young, and we have mature trees, host plants for caterpillars, and a variety of shrubs.

In addition, we have recently installed a drip irrigation system that will save water and money. The compost pile is building, and please feel free to add to it so we will have our own fertilizer next year. When you come to church, check out the Clayton Street Community Garden, which is thriving while using only organic practices!