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SWIG Water Ministry

Just imagine. Imagine not being able to afford the kindling that would provide a fire to boil your drinking water for purification. Imagine growing up assuming that constant gastrointestinal distress is just how the human body works and is perfectly normal.

Now imagine that a caring church congregation bought and had installed 10 wondrous water filters that allowed 10 families – 70 individuals – to experience life without gastrointestinal distress.

We are that congregation. As brothers and sisters in Christ, in 2012 WPC gave this profound and life-changing gift of health to some of the world’s neediest people. Due to the close communications fostered by three Guatemalan mission trips this year, we know of the program’s success and sustainability.

Over the next 12 months, WPC will seek to fund many additional water filters. The filters were developed by Canadian engineers to eliminate both bacteria and parasites. Families who are eager to participate in this program have been identified by Rosario, our healthcare mission dynamo, at the Clinica Maya in Guatemala. Each benefiting Mam Guatemalan family unit will contribute $25.00 toward the full $100.00 cost for each filter and will be trained on operation and upkeep. Our Westminster children will study the blessings of potable water and will be encouraged, along with their families, to participate in this impactful ministry. With clean water, ending the cycle of illness is just the beginning of the improvement in health and welfare.

This campaign has been named SWIG – Safe Water in Guatemala. Even the sound of these words is refreshing as we “swig” a restorative glass of pure, fresh water.

Please watch for further updates on this exciting and needed water ministry for our brothers and sisters in Guatemala.