"The Cosmic Christ: The ‘third nature’ of Christ
and its implications for advancing compassion"

Sermon by Matthew Fox
Sunday, April 10, 2016

Matthew Fox is an American Episcopal priest, theologian, and an influential exponent of a movement known as Creation Spirituality. The movement draws inspiration from the mystical philosophies of medieval visionaries and the wisdom traditions of Christian scriptures. Creation Spirituality is also strongly aligned with environmental movements and embraces spiritual traditions around the world, including Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism, and Native American spirituality, with a focus on “deep ecumenism.”

What is Christian Mysticism?

A mystic, quite simply, is a lover of God who pursues God from a deep realization that life as a Christian is evolving as the soul moves toward its fullness and destiny in God.

Jesus’ message that the kingdom of God is not out there somewhere, but rather here, within, available to one who is humble through faith, is a personal realization that reaches across time to every human soul willing to follow.

There is no text for Matthew Fox's sermon, but please enjoy the video below, as well as Sudie's prayer.


~ Prayer by Sudie Niesen Thompson ~

Maker of heaven and earth, of all things seen and unseen – We stand in awe at the work of your hands. All around us creation shows forth your glory: each intricate snowflake, each shimmering star, each ambitious oak tree stretching for the sky. The chirping sparrows, the waves that crash upon the sand, the wind sweeping across the meadows – all these sing your praise. And we join our voices with creation’s song as we gaze at the heavens and wonder: “What are humans that you are mindful of us?” Yet we know, O God, that all you have done, that all you have made is an expression of your love. It is out of love that you reached into dusty ground and formed beasts of the field and birds of the air, and humans to share life with you. So draw us close, as you did when you breathed into us the breath of life, and fill us with your love.

It is easy to neglect our relationship with you, O God. We rush through hectic lives, clinging to devices or to-do lists, and seldom pause to rest in you. Awaken in us a sense of wonder, and nurture within us a keen sense of your presence. Abide in us, and nourish our parched spirits with your grace, that we might bear fruit.

So much in this world is not as you intended it to be, O God. Every act of violence tears away at your vision of peace; every scene of suffering tears away at your vision of wholeness. Even as we try to be stewards of your creation, we pollute sea and sky and exploit the earth you called ‘good’. Too often we sit idly by as injustice plagues our communities, and desperate needs go unmet. Indeed, all creation is groaning for redemption. As we pray for your beloved world, break our hearts for what breaks yours. Help us each day to respond with compassion, and give us courage to work for a world in which all people know your justice, your freedom, your peace. Abide in us, O God, that we may abide in you, growing always in our love for you and one another.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, the true vine, who taught us to pray...